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Main Event: Afghanistan-Pakistan quake
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10-26 Afghanistan-Pakistan quake Koran va Monjan, Badakhshan, Northern Afghanistan
C. 10-26 India's biggest airline in initial share offering India


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Morning News

Oct.26   Southern China   US Navy destroyer to near disputed China islands Map of South China Sea China
  USS Lassen will sail near artificial islands built by China in the disputed waters of the South China Sea, US defence officials have said

  Northern Afghanistan   Afghanistan-Pakistan quake
Map of Koran va Monjan Badakhshan Afghanistan
  Rescue efforts are being stepped up to help those affected by the 7.5 earthquake which hit remote areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan on Monday

  Washington NSA warns of growing danger of cyber-attack by nation states  The deputy director of the US National Security Agency, Richard Ledgett, has warned of the increasing danger of destructive cyber attacks by states

Evening News

  India India's biggest airline in initial share offering  Budget airline IndiGo plans to conduct an initial share offering this week as it seeks to raise as much as 32.68bn rupees ($500m)

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